Friday, October 11, 2013


This term has become very well known in our preparedness world. It was one of the first acronyms that I learned in fact. For those of you who may not know, it means "The End of the World as we Know it."

As I spend more and more time pondering prep scenarios, I understand that TEOTWAWKI has a very real and powerful meaning. There are too many scenarios that one can plot out that don't end so well for anyone involved. I've never been a fan of such.

In chatting with a good friend recently about some life events occurring, I used the term to describe that what has happened has hit with such tsunami force that it truly is TEOTWAWKI for me. I realized after that conversation the meaning of what I had said. This term can not only be applied to the larger possibly life threatening scenarios that may keep you awake at night, but it can also be applied basically every day of life. I think its synonym is CHANGE, with no acronym there. When was the last time you lost a job unexpectedly? Lost a loved one? Or on the lighter side - how about when your local government decided to build a bridge over your favorite fishing spot? 

Many of these events alter our existence in such a massive manner we are forced to rethink all we know, change our lifestyle, rebuild and re-purpose. Isn't that what makes us strong? Each one of these situations is a mini-test, giving us an opportunity to see what we are made of, how strong our networks are, and where the holes are in our stocks. Think of daily life as your ultimate preparedness barometer.

I used to fear this term. I worried about scenarios where this was really possible - a nuclear strike,  a natural disaster. But after that wonderful inspiration a few days back, this term no longer holds a negative feeling for me. Now I can see that each moment spent preparing for __________  prepares me for everything. Think of your preps as a quiver, with each book read, flashlight purchased, and strawberry dehydrated another arrow in that quiver.

The devastating floods this summer so close to my home in Alberta severely altered many lives. As I stood in a sand bag line one day, several hours into the plot, my muscles burning, clothes soaked in mud - I looked around me and witnessed a scene so real its hard to describe. Standing only feet from deep rushing water, with only moments to work before homes and lives could be lost, there were hundreds of people joined together in pure charity. There were many grunts from the heaving of heavy, dirty sandbags. Even a few injuries witnessed. But amongst this scene I noticed that there wasn't a single face that didn't have a smile on it. Even more powerful - standing beside me was one of the local homeowners, who though obviously very tired from having probably been bagging through the night, showed only a powerful look of determination on his face. Wow... I get it now. The fortitude that man and so many others gained that day is absolutely priceless.

When you lost that job several years back - how did you get through it? Did you hide in a corner worried about paying your bills or did you take life to task, reach out to your network, draw from your previous experiences and grow from the change? TEOTWAWKI? - Yes. But you got through it. And you can again and again. And will. Each and every day may bring a new TEOTWAWKI into your life, no doubts about that. But as one who has made it their mantra to prepare, you are so much more able to take it on.

I applaud each and every one of you for your efforts to become more self sufficient, prepared, and aware. Keep it up and keep on going.

This post by Dwight from Briden Solutions - Proudly helping Canadians obtain high quality Survival supplies.


  1. Dwight, you hit that nail on the head! The world as we've known it ends every day for millions of people and a new world begins for those people. The transition is what we should prepare for. Be prepared to adapt a new normal, because you will have to...sooner or later.