Friday, November 22, 2013

72 Hour Kits for the Novice

Assuming not everyone who reads this blog is a long time, died in the wool prepper or outdoors man a recent conversation I had with some new friends reminded me of some things I think are common sense when it comes to a 72 hour kit, but may not be common sense to all.

1)    72 hour kits bought or made from scratch from a list are quite generic. 
2)    Personalize your kit to you and/or the members of your family
3)    Review the types of “emergency” situations you might experience in your area.  Blizzards, fire, or looting and general chaos after a Grey Cup or Stanley Cup game.
4)    Add clothes in the size you are now.  Review them at least once a year to make sure you are still that size.  Children grow and sadly so do adults.
5)    Add underwear.  Did you think of underwear when I said to add clothes?
6)    Add comfort food.  It doesn’t necessarily sustain life, but it may keep you from taking a life while you are under high stress.
7)    Once or twice a year change out batteries, food, water or anything in your kit that may age.
8)    Have emergency contact information, and a list of items to grab and go in addition to your kit.
9)    Have copies of important documents and financial papers.

These are just some very basic additions to you kit.  If you want to upsize from a 72 hour kit to a bug out bag or just make your kit better, there are some great posts already in the CPN blog.

However, the #1 item everyone agreed must be in your preparedness arsenal, but won’t fit in a bag is resiliency.  Resiliency to change, to loss, to being uncomfortable, to learning new skills, etc.
I’d love to hear what “common sense” items you have added to your 72 hour kit, or how you are developing your resiliency skills.

This post by Deanna from Briden Solutions - Proudly helping Canadians obtain high quality Survival supplies.

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