Friday, December 13, 2013

Making the Bland - Grand

So it happened - a massive winter storm has shut down basically everything across Canada. It's horrifically cold and the snow hasn't stopped in two weeks. (Sound familiar?) With no trucks moving, the local grocery store shelves were emptied in a panic last week. Now, even leaving your house is almost an impossibility - you think the snow drift outside your front door may actually be higher than your front door. It's not the end of the world, but your in for a real shelter in place scenario.

You are now standing in your basement looking at your pile of food storage. 83 cans of macaroni, 121 cans of beans, 10 - 50 lb bags of wheat, and plenty of other randomness. Electricity and gas are still on, so you can still cook and stay warm - but what to eat? That macaroni is going to taste pretty darn boring every meal for the next two weeks.

We are often told to store what we normally eat. This can be difficult as I'm sure that teenager that makes the fries at McDonald's is not willing to hide out in your basement for when the SHTF. So instead we store the basics and hope to never have to actually use it. Well along the lines of storing what you normally eat, how often do you stand at the stove cooking, and instinctively grab several of the bottles sitting near the stove and pour in a pinch or this or a shake or that? Yep - I'm talking about spices and seasonings.

An important part of your food storage is the "accessories" that make food taste so good in normal life. How often do you use oregano, parsley, basil, or thyme in your cooking? Then you should store some. At Briden we have been pondering the spice category for several years now and looking for a product that will fill the gap between bland and grand. We needed something that had the shelf life, was packaged in a way that would keep it fresh and still store easily - and maybe most importantly - wasn't out of the ballpark in the cost category. Spices are expensive when you buy them in little bottles at the grocery store.

I'm happy to announce the arrival of the Herb and Spice Variety Bucket from Nutristore. Inside you'll find 17 of the most widely used herbs and spices. Each spice is packed in its own re-sealable mylar pouch. (Re-sealable = very important) And the sealed Shelf life is 15 years. Not too shabby.

Not interested in chowing down on 121 cans of beans with nothing to garnish them? Maybe its time to add some spice to your food storage... you just never know.

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from us here at Briden Solutions. Make sure to take a moment this season to realize how good we really have it here in Canada. Sure we have our problems, but we have so many blessings as well.

This post by Dwight from Briden Solutions - Proudly helping Canadians obtain high quality Survival supplies.

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