Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Emergencies and Natural Disasters Don't Always Happen in the Summer - SPAR Winter Field Day

The Society for the Preservation of Amateur Radio is holding its 6th annual winter field day this weekend.  The object of the practice is to set up emergency style communications and make as many contacts as possible in a 24 hour period.  Bonus points are given for operating outdoors, away from home, and without using commercial power.

Much like the summer field day held in June by another organization, amateur radio operators from all over will set out in a contest to make the most contacts possible.  The goal, on top of having fun, is to practice setting up and operating communications equipment in a disaster situation.

While some hams will be working the contest indoors, many will be using RVs, makeshift emergency communications trailers, or even camping out in tents.  The challenges are obvious, but not trivial.  Setting up antennas outdoors in sub zero temperatures can be a  frosty endeavor, not to mention keeping the radios and other gear, like computers warm enough to operate.

To learn more about amateur radio visit Radio Amateurs of Canada

To learn more about SPAR and Winter Field Day visit SPAR

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