Friday, February 21, 2014

What can we learn from real life survival situations?

We often obsess over the “what if” scenarios in life and for some, those horrific “what If” situations have been a terrifying realty.  I would like to highlight two articles discovered on  In the first article Mike Adman shares his year in hell, where he and 15 family members put their survival skills to the test during the Bosnian War.  They were trapped in a city of about 6,000 where they remained blocked in by the army for one year. Those with arms protected their families and groups; there was no police, no electricity, no fresh water and no gasoline. MRE’s were dropped into blocked cities every 10 days but there was never enough to go around.  Whatever tools, such as lighters, gasoline, antibiotics, food, and candles were fought over like animals. 

Adams emphasized the importance of surrounding yourself with a solid network of family and friends.  It is important that you plan and prepare together because without a reliable network you are weak.  This applies to anything.  Without a solid foundation, support structure, root system, etc. you have minimal chances to succeed at anything.

One of the best bits of advice that I would take away from this article is to learn to fix things, shoes or people.  Do this and you will never go hungry.  All the preps in the world do not anti-up to good ol’ brain matter.  Skills are infinite, be a sponge.

Follow the link to the article and give it a read.  You will learn how they moved safely through the city, what you should stockpile, how they traded guns and amo, and …….. what’s the situation with toilets? 

Mike Admass’ story was combined with an article by stating the top 35 excuses that will doom you… many of these have you heard or said?

1. Oh come on, it is never going to happen, my area is safe, I am safe.
2. I am convinced that everything is recoverable and my area will get back to normal quickly.
3. No matter how horrible it is, help will eventually come, I just have to wait it out.
4. Even if something happens, there are plenty of food and supplies for everyone in my city.
5. My state government, my community, my neighbors will not abandon me and let me starve.
6. I have a 3 day supply of food, the government and others tell me that this is plenty.
7. I have lots of credit cards, I will purchase anything I need in my city or nearby cities.
8. My water faucets will have water, even if it is temporarily shut off, they will not let us go thirsty.
9. There is no room to store supplies that will never be used anyway.
10. I can’t rotate supplies; everything will get old and have to be thrown away.
11. I don’t have extra money to store up anything for disasters.
12. It is too much work to bother with.
13. I have absolutely no idea what to store or how much.
14. I don’t need any protection after a disaster, the police, national guard, military will protect us.
15. The power grid will come back on, until then I have LED flashlights that last forever.
16. Again and again I hear these fear mongers exaggerate the threat level, another false alarm.
17. I have a good car and family in other areas, if anything happens I will just go stay with them.
18. I work all week long and I am going to spend my extra money on fun rather than fear.
19. Survival supplies taste bad; I can’t live on this for long at all.
20. If a true catastrophe occurs we are going to die anyway, besides that I don’t want to live through it anyway.
21. Survival and prepping for the worst is negative, as long as I stay positive, only the positive will happen.
22. Preppers / Survivalists are radical, paranoid, conspiracy driven out of touch with reality; I don’t want anything to do with them.
23. I don’t know why everyone is so worried, times are better and safer now than ever in human history.
24. There is so much to prepping, I’ll take my chances that nothing will happen.
25. All my investments go right into what makes me money and gives me security for the future.
26. Why bother storing up that much food and supplies, mobs will just come in and take it.
27. I have a refrigerator and a cupboard full of food, 2 cases of water, a 12 pack of toilet paper, I am all set.
28. If something happens I will just run to the grocery store and stock up before it closes.
29. If we become sick after a disaster we have good medical that will care for us.
30. Nothing is as bad as it ever seems, stop overblowing everything as doomsday.
31. If disaster strikes everybody will band together and save the day.
32. People have become way too civilized to wage a world war and take what you have and act like savages.
33. There are food banks and emergency preparedness places nearby to me, they will take care of us.
34. FEMA, the Red Cross, and other government agencies are huge and have the whole country backing them.
35. I can always wait until tomorrow to start prepping, there is always time.

Find the facts and answers to these 35 excuses in the original article by following the link below.  

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