Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Self Sufficient Woman - Guest Post by Lee Flynn

A self Sufficient Woman

Inside of every female, is a Self-Sufficient Woman. Whether she knows it or not, the potential is there. A prime example is the fact that her body has the power to provide everything it needs to sustain and grow another human life. When it comes to living in a world that is growing ever more dependent upon others to survive, self-sufficient women will prosper because of the lifestyle they have chosen. Preparing more in all aspects of your life is a common theme that is followed by self-sufficient women. In a lot of ways, how self-sufficient and prepared you are can speak volumes about who you are.

Self-Sufficient Women Are Gardeners

There are many obvious benefits as to why someone would want to grow a garden. Whether it's for the stress relief, a hobby or a family outdoor activity, there are many advantages to gardening. Self-Sufficient women often supply their own families with home-grown fruits and vegetables. A concern for health and nutrition is deeply tied with growing a garden. Not only are they providers of good healthy foods and nutrition, they benefit from the exercise, the calming effects and the creativity that gardening offers.

Self-Sufficient Women Are Financial Planners

Most people have been in stuck in that scary boat where they ask themselves, do I pay the car payment or the credit card bill this month? Women who are self-sufficient tend to stay out of debt and stockpile cash for emergencies. Investing in gold and silver is also a common practice to protect themselves from inflation. Making purchases with cash, saving money and preparing for financial burdens proves that self-sufficient women are planners, frugal and smart. It also says a lot about their self-control and discipline. Becoming materialistic or keeping up with the Joneses is not a concern for self-sufficient women.

Self-Sufficient Women Get Off The Grid

Because being self-sufficient tends to mean, providing for all your needs possible, it often includes relying upon yourself for energy and power. This can range from wind turbines, solar panels, a well for a water source etc. Sometimes a place is purchased out in the boondocks which can be referred to as their retreat or safe place. This safe place can be used as an emergency living for when a natural disaster happens or just for the simplicity of privacy. Self-sufficient women prepare more and panic less.

Self-Sufficient Women Have Emergency Preparations

Being concerned with the welfare of yourself and your family is a responsibility that self-sufficient women bear well. Because they are pro-active creatures, nothing gets past them. Stocking up on water, food, safety and security measures are top priorities for them. They comprehend that it's better to be well-prepared than ill-prepared. Food storage can consist of foods they canned or dehydrated from the produce from their gardens. A supply of fuel is always kept stored on hand and because self-sufficient women own firearms like a practical 9mm for security and protection, she will stock up on 9mm ammo.

Self-Sufficient women live a lifestyle that focuses on all elements of life that they depend on to not only survive, but to flourish in whatever conditions life throws at them. They're realists as they look at life boldly and courageously perform the tasks needed to be self-sufficient. They're creative and can find a use for everything. They're passionate about the way they want to live and they never give up. They travel the road less traveled on and they do not shun away when things get tough. Self-sufficient women see a beauty in life that is worth experiencing and in it, they are the ones that experience true freedom. There's few things better in life than no debt, a pantry stocked with food and supplies and a backyard ripe for harvest. A sense of pride is well deserved in a self-sufficient lifestyle. There's beautiful simplicity in a self-sufficient woman.

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  1. Nice article. I do see a lot of self sufficient women in my blogging travels, but I sure don't know very many real self sufficient woman in my day to day life.