Friday, April 11, 2014

Golden Nuggets from Prepping's Past

Recently I found some golden nuggets in the form of old civil defense pamphlets put out by the US government in the 50's. They are archived online and links are below. I will disclaim that though some of the information in these forms has been proven inaccurate in modern studies, the general themes are great and much can be learned. I also love the tone of voice used in the writing. There is no sugar coating, no high level jargon. The tone is borderline sarcastic and humorous if you think like that. From page 4 of Survival Under Atomic Attack, I quote:

"Should you happen to be one of the unlucky people right under the bomb, there is practically no hope of living through it."

Well, now I know not to prep for a direct overhead nuclear hit! Whew! Humor aside though, the general themes are great. A major push of civil defense in those days was having everyone prepared. Every single man, woman and child. Each was to know their role and how to react no matter where they stood the moment the emergency began. Take a look at the National Civil Defense Pattern:
1) The Individual - Calm and well trained
2) The Family - the base of organized self protection
3) Neighborhood
4) Community - Puts civil defense into action immediately
5) Nearby Cities - move in aid as needed
6) Federal Government - Furnishes aid and supplies if needed

It starts with the individual - calm and well trained. Perfect. Then permeates to the family working together. Then the community coming together, then communities working together, and then finally and IF needed, the government. If being the keyword there. Compare that to modern day where you can basically guarantee immediate panic and complete reliance on government agencies.

Another nugget of simple wisdom I enjoyed from the concluding pages of Survival under attack:

"If you follow the pointers in this little booklet, you stand far better than an even chance of surviving the bomb's blast, heat, and radioactivity. What's more, you will make a definite contribution to civil defense in your community, because civil defense must start with you. But if you lose your head and blindly attempt to run from the dangers, you may touch off a panic that will cost your life and put tremendous obstacles in the way of your Civil Defense Corps."

Well said! In my training days as part of our local Search and Rescue team we were constantly drilled that we must always be conscious of our actions and abilities. If we were not able to operate at 100%, we were to voluntarily pull ourselves out of the operation. Keep your head on and be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

And the last nugget for today:
"Civil Defense is everybody's business" - AKA - Everyone should be a Prepper. I couldn't agree more. You may enjoy poking through the following resources.

United States Dept of Civil Defense - Survival under Atomic Attack PDF

United States Dept of Civil Defense - Fallout Protection PDF

Federal Civil Defense Administration - A Day Called X - A 1957 film production about the evacuation of Portland. (27 min - grab some popcorn and enjoy this gem!)

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