Friday, May 2, 2014

Animals and Earthquakes

After last month’s Earthquake outside Port hardy BC followed by a few conversations about quaky quirks in man’s best friend has lead me to believe that Fido might have a flare for being quake aware.  After doing some digging it turns out that mans best friend isn’t the only prediction expert.  The animal kingdom boasts many prediction experts from pelicans to elephants that have shown erratic behavior before major disasters.   I know that it is not realistic to house an elephant as part of your backyard preps but their supreme sensitivity to seismic activity may send you on a safari. 

Elephants have a very well developed sense of hearing using infrasound.  They listen for these sounds through the use of their feet.  Standing on three legs allows the elephant to hear better,  it puts more pressure on the three standing legs to get a better sound vibration.  The shifts in the earths crust that cause tsunamis and earthquakes produce shockwaves which travel through the ground.  Hens the natural prediction skills of our large eared friends, ironically enough those ears aren't their best hearing asset. 

Check out these videos for more proof that the animal kingdom has a one up on the humans in the event that disaster strikes. 

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