Friday, May 23, 2014

Flood Prepping: And The Rains Came Down

We are one month from the anniversary of the 2013 Alberta Floods. Floods that rocked many lives across a wide swath of Alberta. I know you've all seen the pictures - the one of people in High River being rescued on a combine, or those of raging rivers ripping through Canmore. What an experience.

I remember passing the military vehicles on the highway as they made their way south and thinking this was getting very real. I remember watching the local river rise day after day until it nearly overtook the one bridge that connects my community. I remember volunteers traveling by the bus load to High River for weeks afterwards to help in any way they could. What an experience.

When I walk through my local river valley, the signs of the flood are very much still present. Piles of logs and debris everywhere, trees bent over, pathways washed away. I can't help but wonder the un-wonderable - could it happen again?

Well, the short answer is yes. All it took to create this flood was a certain combination of variables involving water. Variables are like dice, roll long enough and you're going to hit every combination at some point. And from what I can see in the news reports, the government certainly seems to agree with me. Take a look at this map from the Government of Alberta Flood Mitigation website:

There are currently hundreds of projects on the go to upgrade, expand or enhance our ability to deal with water in the future. There are also some very major projects under consideration, including a diversion tunnel underneath Calgary from the Glenbow dam to the Bow river, a 44 million cubic metre dry dam upstream of Bragg Creek, and a 7 km long diversion canal around High River.

Weather is a wonder of this beautiful planet we live on, and though we humans have come a great distance in predicting, graphing, modeling and forecasting the weather, in the end, we really are still pawns on a chessboard. I applaud the government for doing what they can. For trying to be ready.

My point if you haven't seen it already - the Government of Alberta is prepping in mass for future flooding. They think it may happen again, or they wouldn't spend volumes of time and money on even doing the research for all this. So if the Government is prepping - are you?

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