Friday, June 13, 2014

Flood Prepping: Part II - Comparisons

I was just reading through some of our twitter feed from last year about this time as suburb after suburb of Calgary and many other whole towns were evacuated due to the flooding.

It all started with this:
And it was only hours before this one came out:
Now lets put last years Alberta flood in perspective, as it wasn't the first we've seen in these parts.
  • At 7 am on 21 June 2013 the Bow River peaked at 1,740 m3/s. 
  • In 2005 the peak flow through Calgary was 791 m3/s
  • In 1932 the peak flow through Calgary was 1,520 m3/s.
  • The floods of 1879 and 1897 in then Fort Calgary had a high peak rate estimated at 2,265 m3/s 

An interesting read in the Calgary Herald last July looks at the stats and puts last years flood at somewhere between a 50 and 70 year flood. It also looks at the worst case scenario, which would be a flood moving 6,145 m3/s — three-and-a-half times bigger than last year and eight times bigger than the 2005 flood.

On the brighter side, that's why our wonderful governments have prepared all sorts of flood maps that we can now check out to see our risk. (Go look, seriously.) We are also encouraged to get our 72 hour kits together, and may I recommend some FloodSax as well if you want to be proactive. And if you have some spare time this weekend and are local, take a drive through High River for interest sake to see just how much flood prep activity is on the go.

Let us remember that Mother Nature is in control. And let us be ready.

This post by Dwight from Briden Solutions - Proudly helping Canadians obtain high quality Survival supplies.

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