Monday, June 16, 2014

You’re going to kick yourself - Summer Of Survival

I don’t know exactly how they got everyone to agree to this.
And I can hardly believe how much they’re giving away for free.
But I do know how hard you’re going to be kicking yourself - soon - if you don’t take advantage of it.
Look, if you don’t plan on doing anything else this year to make sure your family is taken care of before a crisis hits, at least do yourself a favor and don’t miss Summer of Survival.
Some of the top survivalists in the industry are sharing their best secrets. We’ve already heard from Survivor Jane, Robert Henry, Joe Nobody and the husband & wife survival medicine team Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy.
What I’ve seen already shows me this is some of the best preparedness and survival training you’re going to find online - at any price.
But don’t take my word for it. They’re already getting hundreds of thank you letters raving about the quality training from both long-time preppers and complete novices. Here are a few I read myself:
Excellent webinar and very informative! This gave me a totally different way of looking at bartering, in a positive and educational way. Thank you so much for having Mr. Henry on.”
Denise S.
“Absolutely fantastic webinar. I have worked in the disaster response field under contract to FEMA since 2002 and have been an LPN for 21 years, yet I still learned a great deal. I especially appreciated learning how to treat my "fish" with the fish antibiotics.”
Sandra B.
“The information shared was excellent. As a beginner prepper, I think Survivor Jane was educational, directive and encouraging. I feel like this is something I need to do and now think I can do it. Thanks so much for the excellent survivor teacher, thanks that it's free, and thanks that it's so readily accessible.”
Glenda B.
 “Joe Nobody brought up things that I would never have thought of. The use of netting, the light discipline, and establishing the rules of engagement were especially helpful.”
Denese M.
Like I said, attending EVERY live session all summer long doesn’t cost you one cent. Zero. And that includes the live Q&A sessions following every one of them!
There’s still 10 more weeks of free survival training coming up… but only if you register now.
See you at Summer of Survival!
P.S. I know you’ll want to get the recordings (they are available now), especially if you missed the first two weeks. But at least get signed up now to make sure you get the rest free.

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