Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Does Archery have a place in a Preparedness/Survival scenario?

Does Archery have a place in a Preparedness/Survival scenario?

  • How to choose the proper Archery equipment
  • The use of Archery equipment for Hunting/Food procurement
  • The use of Archery equipment from a Tactical perspective
  • Why Archery equipment can be better than Firearms
  • Making field expedient Archery gear out of every day items
Tonight, SOS expert, Scott Moore discusses all of this. 
As a boy growing up, Scott Moore could find flint arrow heads, pottery, and tools of stone in the fields around his home. As he matured, so did his interest in how the indigenous people lived their day to day lives many hundreds of years ago. Scott began to make many of the tools and weapons and used them to hunt, prepare food, and live comfortably in the woods.
In 1992 the assistant principal of a local middle school asked Scott to share his “experiential archeology” with the students. That was the start of the “Native American Living History Program”. By incorporating his Christian beliefs into the program, Scott was able to develop Wild about Christ Ministries. As part of the W.A.C. presentation Scott dresses in the traditional clothing of a Woodland Indian and demonstrates the use of the bow and arrow, Atlatl, Blow Gun, and many other primitive skills.
For over twenty years Scott has worked with organizations such as the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Parks and Recreation, the National Wild Turkey Federation, The Boy Scouts of America, and many church groups and school systems throughout the country. Through these organizations Scott has been able to share primitive culture, wilderness survival skills, and answer God’s call to share His word.

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