Thursday, November 6, 2014

Product Review - The Greenhouse Of The Future

So, you wanna build a greenhouse you say?  That's a great idea that has lots of benefits.  You can extend the growing season much later into the fall, get a jump start on those veggies with long growing seasons like tomatoes and peppers, and even boost production during the regular growing season.  The only question is, how to build one.

Sure, you could hire a contractor or get a kit from the local building supplies company, but this just won't fit with what you want to do.  Kits come in predefined sizes only, which are usually too big or too small for your needs.  Contractors cost money and are rarely willing to work with alternative building methods.

You want something that you can build yourself, with the help of a few friends perhaps, and at the same time, make use of some alternative materials like used tires as an example.  Enter The Greenhouse Of The Future.

How many time have you bought an ebook, thinking you were going to get something a lot more than what was sent to your ereader?  Without fail, it seems that these inexpensive offers of "complete guides to whatever" fall dismally short on details, instructions, illustrations, and of course, after sale support!  Even with the best authorship, sometimes a concept just can't be visualized.

The Greenhouse Of The Future addresses all these problems by incorporating a 170 page ebook, comprehensive and complete construction plans, and video explanations and demonstrations that are full of tips and tricks derived from first hand experience.  Here, you can have a sneak peek at the video...

 Now, I'll be the first to admit that this project may not be for the backyard gardener who just needs a few square feet to get seedlings started earlier in the spring, but if you are looking for a way to grow year round in a Canadian climate, either for your family of four or your survival group of several families, then this is the best solution I have found to date.  Make no mistake, this will require some effort and materials, but the structure is a solid and permanent one.

In addition, you will build knowledge of some interesting concepts such as passive geothermal, passive solar energy, thermal mass, passive ventilation, using earth tubes, and much more that can then be used on other projects you have in mind.

Do you remember my mention of after sale support earlier?  That is where this package really stands out above so many other similar packages.  Along with a 30 day money back guarantee, you will receive 3 months of access to the S.A.F.E. support network, which can be activated only once you are ready to begin your project!

Don't forget, it's all about the details.  You will also get a full set of construction plans, material list and tool list!  This is a complete package.  You can order the DVD which includes the video, the ebook, and the apendices, or the online package that gives you unlimited streaming and downloads.

To order the DVD($44.95) or online package($39.95) visit Greenhouse Of The Future.

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