Friday, December 12, 2014

Meet the new kit on the block!

One of the things about living in a country as large as Canada, is that the types of environmental emergencies for which we need to prepare tend to vary from coast to coast. Earthquakes are the talk of the town on the West Coast while hurricanes and snow storms are all the buzz on the East Coast, and it doesn’t take much to stir up rumours of tornados as skies turn green and black clouds roll in over the beautiful Prairie fields.

Does one kit fit all? 

Certainly the survival gear, food and water found in any standard kit are useful across the nation. But what if you could tailor your kit so that it better fit the disaster most likely to hit your neighbourhood?

Well now you can! These new kits on the block do just that. For example, the Flood Survival Kits come with a mosquito net and waterproof pouch; the Hurricane Survival Kits come with a 15 inch pry bar; and the Tornado Survival Kits contain tornado specific supplies such as an NOAA weather radio, pry bar and a 4-in-1 emergency tool. Check out the remaining new kits here.

But that’s not the best part.

The new kit on the block is the envy of all other kits because it’s the only kit around that contains the super cool, super healthy, super emergency food - MegaOne Meal Replacement Protein Shakes!  Now every kit wants one.

These power house protein shakes are the pride and joy of these kits. Packed with 28 superfoods, these vitamin and mineral filled shakes are gluten, dairy, soy and GMO free.  15-30 servings per bag. Just add water, shake and stir. No cooking needed, no stoves and fuel to pack around. Your load just got lighter. For information on the MegaOne Meal Replacement Protein Shakes, see our article from last month.

And just when you thought you’ve heard it all…

These kits also come in three levels, depending on the extent of your preparation needs and on how many people will be relying on you for supplies: Basic, Deluxe and Premium. For 72 hours, the Basic and Deluxe kits have enough supplies for two people while the Premium kits accommodate four.

What are you waiting for? Welcome the new kit on the block into your family and be prepared, no matter what part of Canada your neighbourhood is in.

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