Friday, February 6, 2015

Mental Survival - 10 Tips to Make it

I've been through a few real situations where life was on the line, and a few where it was borderline becoming real. And I've found that there is a very interesting few seconds between realizing there is a problem and deciding how your going to react. It's the few seconds where your gut feels like your going to heave. Then your brain clicks on and you start through your check list. Or not and you run. Which is it going to be?

Here are my 10 Tips to get over the few seconds of terror and turn your brain on.

1) Run through as many scenarios in advance as your time allows. Fight or flight? There are some scenarios where running the other direction is the appropriate response. Think about that before hand.
2) BREATHE! Take a few deep breaths.
3) Do an honest check of your gear and supplies in advance. Are they sufficient, or are you just kidding yourself? Real prepping brings peace of mind, that's the whole goal.
4) Don't listen to information from the masses. It's mostly hype or drama. Check your go-to trusted sources and get real intel on what's really happening.
5) Turn around. If the situation allows, turn around and walk the other way for a few steps so you are not staring directly at the disaster. Let your mind reset on a scene that's not chaos.
6) Disconnect for a few seconds. Try to remember what you doing or thinking before chaos hit. Were you writing the grocery list? That easy thought alone is enough to get your mind over the hump.
7) Use the buddy system. As long as it's not your buddy that's the problem, having a work / travel / home buddy can be great when you need a smack to come back to reality.
8) Look for the simplest solution. Do I have to go straight forward? Or can I go around this?
9) Don't overthink the situation. This goes with the above, but if you have 100 injured in front of you, just start with the closest.You can only help one at a time anyways. Don't stress about what you can't fix.
10) Consider that you've just been handed a lemon - is there any way to make lemonade? You were 4x4'ing in the forest and a fallen tree has blocked your route home and you don't have the supplies to overnight. Instead of walking around cursing, realize you've just been handed a great test of your skills. What can you use to cut or move this tree? Prove to yourself that you are the hero and come home with a great story to tell.  

This post by Dwight from Briden Solutions - Proudly helping Canadians obtain high quality Survival supplies.  

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