Friday, March 6, 2015

Ever heard of a bomb calorimeter?

Bomb Calorimeter
A bomb calorimeter is used to measure the food energy that is in a food item. So if you want to know how much food storage you need to survive for a month, you could stick some samples inside one of these babies, light it up, and then hire a scientist to interpret the results.

However, these bomb calorimeters are not used to create the numbers you see on today's nutritional labels because they burn everything, and the body does not. A bomb meter thus gives a higher food energy number than what is realistic.

Nutritional label numbers come from a much more scientific method: estimation. To create a nutritional label, chemical tests are run on the common ingredients within the product to estimate the energy density of the components. Then those energy densities are averaged against some charts and added up.

Now look at all those cans, jars and buckets in your basement! What a testament to your preparedness. That took some work. You've been told the stats, store 'x' amount of calories per person per day, so you used the nutritional labels best you could to make sure you would have enough for your family.

I am here to tell you today that not all calories and servings are created equal.
A) Nutritional label creation is not an exact process
B) Companies that manufacture product can adjust the label with a wide degree of variation to suit their purposes. A serving of the exact same product could be labelled 1/4 cup by company 'A' or 1 cup by company 'B' , resulting in packaging that states 50 servings, 5 servings or 5000. Whatever they want it to say to make it sound good.

Over the coming weeks and months, I intend to dive very deep into what makes up the servings and calories behind many of the food items available in our prep industry today. It's going to be very revealing and telling. And it should be a good education for all of us - helping us get an apples to apples look at the food we are storing. You deserve to know and understand this.

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