Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Over The Counter (OTC) Medications For The Prepper

We’ve all been there…early in the morning, calling into the boss to tell them that we won’t be in that day for any multitude of reasons.  It could be a bout with the flu, strained back, or something else along those lines.  When we leave that message, we pop some OTCs and head back to bed, hoping that things will be better the next day.

Unfortunately, when the poop has hit the propeller, going back to bed really won’t be an option.  There are any number of tasks that have to be performed such as watch duty, wood splitting, water gathering, and so on.  Not to mention that everyday chores that we dutifully perform without a thought will be much more labor intensive.  If you don’t believe me, try making your morning cup of joe without anything electric.

Simply put, tasks will need do get done whether you feel up to it or not.
Here are some suggestions of normal OTC medications you should have on hand…

Pain Relievers: Anacin, Tylenol, Advil, or whatever works for you in the strength you normally take

Cold & Flue Remedies:  Look for tablet form such as Tylenol Cold, or similar.  Daytime/Nighttime duo packs are handy.

Allergy Relief:  Benadryl or similar products may also be effective for insect bites & stings as well as poison ivy and other irritants.

Specialized products:  Mydol, Aleve (naproxen) , Robax, etc.

Antibiotics:  Look for antibiotic ear drops and eye drops for minor infections.  Polysporin is one brand that is available over the counter, however, you will have to ask your pharmacist and may be asked for your name and personal info such as address and telephone number. (you should also seek information on fish antibiotics and how to diagnose for their use)

Remember, there is plenty of evidence out there that supports the effectiveness of tablet form medications well beyond their expiry date.  Generic brands such as Costco’s Kirkland often contain the exact same medicinal ingredients and are available at a discount when compared to name brand.  Read the labels to compare.

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