Friday, March 27, 2015

The Homegrown Food Summit - Another Free Webinar Series

On April 6-12, grow your knowledge for organic living. Grow it faster than if you read a wheelbarrow's load of the best books on food production, harvesting and preserving.

April 6-12, the Home Grown Food Summit will host 35 presentations from experts, across a variety of organic food topics.

(Presentations from experts who'd be the authors of many of the books that would otherwise load your "To-Read" wheelbarrow. FYI)

The Summit draws together educators who are passionate about sharing and improving knowledge around organic food production.

So passionate... they are sharing their experiences and secrets.

For Free.

The Summit offers you a quick way to walk through the details of acquiring skills for organic living. Skills that you might miss out on for lack of understanding some simple tips and tricks.

Get the details here about the Home Grown Food Summit.

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