Monday, April 13, 2015

Movie Monday - How To Build A Wood Gasifier With 7 Trumpets Prepper

Movie Mondays have been a popular and informative posting series here at the CPN.  I've shared more than a few documentaries from the BBC and National Geographic.  As you could imagine, it's not always easy to find something relevant and interesting to post.  To help out with that, I've turned to my friend Che from the OPSN and shared a few of his videos.  Following on that same path, I recently got in touch with the folks at 7 Trumpets Prepper and gotten their permission to share this weeks presentation. 

Although not Canadian, this is one of the topics that crosses the border seamlessly.  Canadians have access to all the hardware and tools needed, not to mention an abundance of wood to use in the project.

This video stems from an appearance on Doomsday Preppers season 2 and is the best instructional piece I have ever seen on the subject.  So, with no further adue, and with thanks to Cameron from 7 Trumpets Prepper, enjoy!

This video is presented with permission from 7 Trumpets Prepper.

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