Friday, June 26, 2015

New Prepper Community Tool - Briden Insiders

We are both proud and exited to be working closely with Briden Solutions to bring a new, feature rich community tool to you all.  June 22nd marked the official launch of Briden Insiders, an innovative and unique tool that makes finding like minded people in your area as simple as a few clicks.
As a bonus, Briden Insiders subscribers benefit from monthly rebates on products that THEY get to help choose!

Listen to what Briden has to say...

"So what is the #1 most useful / powerful / longest shelf life prep item you have? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not in your basement or your garage. Well, at least I hope not. Years of experience have taught me the best prep item that you or I could ever have is like-minded friends.

This has been proven time and time again when I’m camping and forgot my axe and borrowed one from a friend. Or when you’re ascending that mountain peak and it’s the psychological reassurances of your hiking partner that gets you there. I’ll bet there was no psychological multi-tool in your pack that day.

That’s why we have created the Briden Insiders Community. To help you build out that network of friends who can multiply by ten times the effectiveness of the prep food and gear you do have. To fill in the gaps, and lend that supportive hand when needed. Together we are stronger."

As promised, a few more gems that members will see inside:

Gem #1 – Deal of the Month – a deeply discounted and exclusive deal from Briden Solutions only for our Insiders. June’s Deal of the Month is $43 off the ARK Food Bucket.

Gem #2 – Deal Vote – you get to tell us what you want the Deal of the Month to be. Why should we pick the deal? Vote for your most desired product and Briden will make it the Deal of the Month item. Your wish is our command.

Gem #3 – Wish List – Post products that you have found that you think are amazing. Everyone can vote. We’ll look at the movers and shakers and do our best to bring in these items for you.

Gem #4 – Ask & Answer – An entire section dedicated to learning. Ask your questions to other Insiders. Find out the latest trends, from tenting to foraging, from others with experience.

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