Friday, July 3, 2015

Product Review - Live Fire fire starter

Live Fire Fire Starter
Tis the season, and this camping lover finally got a chance to scratch that itch and get out into the bush. And what a great opportunity to try out - in real circumstances - some of the gear that I've come across recently. I'd like to report back my findings on Live Fire. 

According to the manufacturer - Live Fire is a compact, all weather, waterproof fire starter that takes a spark from a ferrocerium rod, lighter or match even after being submerged in water for extended periods of time. From first looks, I've got no problem with what they've said.

But now to the report. First some background. It was my son and I, and we decided to get into the deep back country with some friends of ours. My young son is not one for sleeping in, and so at 6 am we were both awake. The weather could not have been more perfect those few days we were out.  25 - 30 degrees in the daytime and about 15 at night. So we were chilly waking up - nothing a sweater couldn't handle though.

Yet, what do you do first thing you wake up when you are camping, regardless of if you need to? Light a fire. Yep. So we drove to a local stock pile and picked up a load full of wood. We prepared a little bit of kindling and prepared the wood in the pit. I then pulled out my Live Fire, pulled off the plastic wrap and opened the lid. The innards looked and smelled like fire starter.

Live Fire Fire Starter
Scratched the surface a little to expose the fibers

I didn't bring a striker rod - just matches. So pretty excited here goes match #1 -  nope, no go. Put the match right up to the Live fire until the match nearly burnt my finger. The match had no effect on the Live Fire. Hmmm... that was not cool. Let's try again. Match #2 - same thing... I'm embarrassed to say, but 10 matches later with no progress I decided I had better read the instructions. And what do you know - your suppose to open the lid (did that) and fluff up the fire starter to expose the fibers (whoops). Wow, now I'm really embarrassed. Good thing my friend who I'm suppose to impress with all my cool gear is still sleeping! 

Ok, round #2 - fluffed up the fibers with a random stick. Match #11 - we have action! So technically I'm going to call that match #1 having read the instructions and now doing this for 'real'.  Wink.

The Live fire lit up great, I had the container open about half way, it didn't need to be to get it going, but regardless. So, once it was lit, I put it under my kindling and it did it's job great. A few seconds later and my fire was booming. I pulled the Live fire out of the fire, closed the lid and extinguished the fire in the canister. Ready to go for next time. And I did use it over and over again, probably 5 times over the course of this expedition, and it's got lots of use left in it yet.

I did notice that the canister did get warm, so I wouldn't recommend leaving it in the fire past the point of the fire being self sustaining, or you may not be able to get it out without gloves.

Overall experience - Loved it and would recommend it 100%. The Live Fire lit amazing (let's not mention the not reading the instructions mishap - ok) and performed great. My thoughts were that this would do great in situations where you either didn't have much kindling, where your kindling was wet,  where you were just to lazy to find / make some, or if you were in a hurry to get your fire up and running.

The Live Fire acts as a booster. It's like having 100 matches burning all at once, so you can get a fire going harder and faster much quicker. And yet you don't burn your fingers. I highly recommend this stuff for your camping bag, your 72 hour kit, and your bug out bag.

Live Fire is also available in a 550 Paracord format where a strand of fire starter is built right into the cord. Great to make into lanyards, zipper pulls, and bracelets for multi-purpose use. I've tried that version too, and I love how well it lights. Happy Fire Making!

This post by Dwight from Briden Solutions - Proudly helping Canadians obtain high quality Survival supplies.   

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