Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Survival Expo Summary

Well, months of planning and anticipation manifested into 2 short days in Niagara Falls.  Honestly, the days felt pretty long for most of the exhibitors, myself included, but all in all I would consider it a success.  Sure, there have been some comments out there about there not being enough exhibitors, but let's face it, this was the very first event of this kind in Canada, and rumor has it, not the last!

Before I go any further, there are a few people I need to thank publicly.

  • Oldschool and HopeImReady from the forum who helped run the booth while I met other exhibitors, got to attend a seminar or two, or just plain needed to run to the bathroom.
  • Martin and Darko from the Survival Expo for working closely with me throughout the whole process and made sure I had everything I needed.
  • Wolf from Barefoot Bushcraft for providing a relaxing place to stay during the trip.
  • Che Bhodi from the Ontario Preppers Survival Network for introducing me to some awesome contacts in the area. 
  • All those who donated camping gear for the Norther Ontario Boy Scouts...thanks to all of you for your generosity!

Without the support of all of those mentioned above, The CPN would not have had the opportunity to exhibit.

Although the Canadian Preppers Network does not sell products, there were a few items for sale from our parent website, The Canadian Preparedness Portal.  All funds from these sales went towards funding the booth at the expo such as printing flyers, signs, and business cards.  Also, I purchased a few products from some of the other fantastic exhibitors for reviews which will be published in the weeks to come.

There were a few reasons I felt the need to be there...but first and foremost was to raise awareness for our network.  Mission completed.  Already we have 5 new forum members since Saturday and there was a noticeable spike in views for the blog over the weekend! 
Secondly, I wanted to meet with some of the members of the network...also mission completed!  The pre expo dinner meet was fantastic (thanks again to Oldschool for putting that together).  It was truly a pleasure to meet and talk face to face with some of our members. C5, who I fondly refer to as the dinner party prepper, would have been proud!
Lastly, I felt that I should take the opportunity to meet with some people who have been working with us over the past years.  Among them, Cam Mather, Dr.Bones & Nurse Amy, Wolf Starchild, and more.
As a bonus, I met a few new people from the preparedness community and hopefully we can get a few new sponsors so that we can build a better booth for next year and continue to grow, bringing the idea of personal responsibility and preparedness to as many people as possible.

Here is our booth at the expo...humble for sure compared to some others, but we will grow!

Cam Mather with a selection of books...

Dr.Bones & Nurse Amy promote survival medicine...

Survival Central - A great Canadian prepper company...

An instructor from Barefoot Bushcraft tests the reflexes of a martial artist from Spartan Self Defence.


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