Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Staying Warm and Happy Through the Colder Months - Guest Post by Lee Flynn

Winter is often the most difficult season for people who enjoy the warmth and extra sunlight offered by the other seasons. Being cold throughout the day with little sunlight can dampen any mood as the weeks drag by. Getting through cold weather is possible with a smile on your face. You simply need to employ some strategic moves throughout the winter to ward off cold and depressed feelings. Take a look at how to stay warm and happy as the snow or ice takes over outside.

Focus on Warm Drinks

You might be bundled up with several clothing layers, but you're still cold. Be sure to drink warm or hot drinks throughout the day. The drink's temperature will warm your digestive system, which heats up the body from the inside out. Don't rely on just one type of hot drink either. Mix up your drink choices in order to stay healthy during the winter. Start out the day with a cup of coffee, and graduate to hot tea during the afternoon. As a treat, try a hot chocolate or spicy tea as the evening settles in. Warm drinks improve your mood and physicality simultaneously.

Add Natural Light Bulbs Indoors

You may not realize that the lack of light is causing some sadness or frustration during the colder months. When you're subjected to sunlight, the body produces critical vitamin D. This nutrient is necessary for basic body functions and improves your mood. Consider new light bulbs for your indoor fixtures. Select bulbs marked as "natural light." When you illuminate these lamps, the indoors will feel like it's lit by the sun on a relaxing, spring day. Keep these lights on throughout the evening or even on a dark day. The entire family may have lifted spirits as a result.

Layer Your Clothing

You might be fond of your heavy sweater, but try to wear more layers during the colder months. A warm fleece fabric with two or three other layers allows you to strip some items off as the day warms up in the afternoon. Feeling like you're covered in bulky items is frustrating and doesn't warm you as effectively as layers. Each layer creates a trapped-air section which warms you as well. One, thick layer simply doesn't create the temperature that you need to fight off the chills.

Hot Meals are a Must

Whether you cook from scratch or eat a food storage meal, eating healthy throughout the day is crucial during cold weather. Eat at least one hot meal each day. When you eat, your body needs to metabolize the substances. As a result, your body naturally warms up while performing the digestive processes. The fact that the meal is hot also adds to your comfort level on a cold day. Heat traveling into your body also contributes to a warmer sensation. If you don't have the time to cook a meal when you arrive home from work or school, you can always use a slow-cooker appliance that virtually does the work for you.

Get Active

You may not be able to take a jog outside, but it's important to stay active in cold weather. Consider adding an exercise bike to your house or joining a gym. On a relatively clear day, take a walk when it's safe to do so. Enjoying the outdoors and exercising is the best combination for fighting off the winter blues. By moving your muscles, the body uses energy and heats up in response. You'll feel energized and happy with just a 20-minute exercise session.

After applying all of these tips to your life, you might want to think further to your home's cold-weather survival. Shovel the snow off of the driveway, and drive your car before heading out on the road. Winter will pose its challenges, but you need to face them with determination and a good spirit. In the end, spring will arrive with warmer temperatures across the neighborhood.

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