Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Your Teeth are Alive! How to Re-Grow Tooth Enamel - Marjory Wildcraft

Yes, you read that correctly - your teeth are alive. 
Did you know you can regenerate your tooth enamel? 

You can repair cavities - without a dentist. 

You can have squeaky clean teeth - just like coming out of the hygienists office - and not pay a cent? 

Yup, its true. 

A few years ago I was on an adventure (and you know by now that I venture pretty far off the beaten path). I found this amazing healer named Doug Simons who lives mostly out in the wilderness. Doug had watched how the animals take care of their teeth, and he learned from primitive peoples (like the Tarahumara Indians) how they take care of their teeth. Doug's program for tooth care uses no fluoride, and no manufactured chemicals. He can show you how to care for your teeth using only things that can be found in nature. 

Now Doug is kinda different. Uh, some folks have called him a tree hugger, and he has that 'indigenous' earthy sort of vibe to him. You may already be familiar with Doug if you tuned in to watch the Home Grown Food Summit last month. He gave a great presentation during the Summit that got very positive feedback from our viewers. 

To get you introduced to Doug's program and get you oriented to what this is all about, check out this free video I made. But be sure to buy the whole full-length DVD as there is so much more to learn. And gosh, it costs much less than even a single visit to the dentist. 

Click here:

I hope you'll take advantage of this great offer, and learn all about Doug's method for natural tooth care. 


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