Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Guest Post - Why a Bow is the Best Option for a Doomsday Situation written by Steve Bertha

In a doomsday situation, having survival weapons and the knowledge to properly use them is crucial. Your ability to protect and feed both you and your family in a dangerous situation may dictate whether or not you make it through the crisis. Owning a bow is something every survivalist should consider for different reasons. Here are solid reasons why a bow is a perfect option for a doomsday situation: 

To survive, you need to always maintain the lightest possible luggage weight. Heavy gears such as guns and ammo will make you feel tired faster and can restrict your movements. A takedown bow is lightweight and can collapse into three pieces or less depending on the model. This means that it can easily fit into your backpack and you can carry it around without breaking a sweat. 

Reusable ammunition
When your rifle runs out of ammo during a doomsday situation, you become nothing more than a sitting duck. However, with a bow, you never run out of arrows because they can be reused. And if you don’t bother to retrieve them, you can always make new ones from sticks and wood that you find around. In intense situations, you can never risk running out of ammo. It can be the determining factor of whether you live or die!

With a bow and arrow, you have more than just a weapon. The different parts of a bow can be easily adapted for a number functions. For instance, a bow can be used to start a fire or as an alternative to a fishing rod. The arrows, on the other hand, can be used as part of your shelter or can be tied together into longer shafts and used as spears for hunting or for self-defense. 

Silent yet deadly
In a doomsday situation, you’ll probably have to hunt for your food. The best way to hunt as many game as possible would be to take down one at a time without scaring off the others. When you use a handgun or a rifle, the reverberating noise will obviously startle the other game in the area. This means that you’ll have to go through the daunting calling and luring process all over again. 

With your bow, you can quietly take down your game one at a time without causing any commotion. So you will hunt down more game compared to using guns. 

Less red tape
Buying a handgun or a rifle isn’t all that simple. There are a lot of regulations, documents, and paperwork that you have to submit before you get a gun registered to your name. What’s worse, it may take days before you get your hands on your firearm. 
With a bow, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about all these legal issues. You can simply walk into a store and buy one without any questions asked. You can even have it delivered to your doorstep when you purchase it online. 

What are you waiting for? Disaster can strike at any time! So up your shooting game and become a doomsday survivalist by purchasing your own bow today. 


  1. I have seen this argument before; it is compelling, but I do have a few points to consider;
    1. Bows are short-range 2. They are often difficult for women, children to use, setup, carry, pull, restring, fletch, tip, etc. 3. Arrows are often damaged after use 4. hold an arrow in one hand and a 308 in the other, how much weight difference do you feel; and, is carrying 100 arrows as practical when on the move as five boxes of 308? 5. Which is more intimidating when facing opponents? 6. If your wife or kids have to left alone, would you rather they have a semi-auto or a bow? Is it better to hear them shooting and know to get back or wait for them to scream? 7. What if you experience an upper body injury? Broken wrist, shoulder tear, gunshot wound? Ever fire a bow with your arm in a splint? 8. If you really run out of bullets, chances are things are bad for a long time. Long-term stashes are safe and light (they're stashed); is this really a concern? Perhaps a jug of powder, a caster, hand loader may get you through the years to come?
    That's eight off the top of my head. Certainly there are cases for a bow, I'm not arguing that, but they are some serious concerns as well. For myself, I have an old shoulder shoulder tear that makes it all but impossible to pull and carry through a shot. I slipped on a patch of ice, and lost my ability to use a bow -- just think about that. Think everything through and get what works for YOU and YOURS. God Bless!

  2. Excellent advice. My first weapon of choice was a compound bow and later, a crossbow.
    In Canada, all you need is cash and be 18.
    My firearms came much later. Not much good as a self defense weapon because of the way guns must be stored.
    For example, you can't store a loaded gun-"just in case".
    Good points.

  3. Survival Lilly on YouTube has gone over how noisy bows are when hunting game. She outlines strategies for making them quieter, but the noise reaches the animal before the arrow. This noise issue is especially true of lightweight takedown bows.