Monday, August 28, 2017

Movie Monday -

With the devastation in Texas right now, I thought it might be appropriate to bring back to memory what happened only 5 years ago in New York.  Many people think we are too far north to be bothered by hurricanes, but Canada is affected by about 3 - 5 of these storms per year.  In fact, the Canadian Hurricane Center predicts 2017 to be an "above average" year with 4 - 6 storms affecting Canadians.  In 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated New York and it could have easily hit dead on in Canada if the various circumstances were only slightly different.

Here's a 2.5 hours long compilation of emergency responses the days before, during and the days after hurricane Sandy. No matter whether FDNY, NYPD, PAPD, MTA Police, NGUS, USACE, USCG or whatsoever, here you see pretty much anything. Even emergency vehicles from other cities and states (like e.g. Superior from the Chicagoland area) were present with several vehicles. 
Of course not every single emergency responses is a consequence of the hurricane (like e.g. Medical call at Macy's with the Ambulance and Engine 1), but I didn't sort them out since it's hard to determine whether it is or isn't linked to Sandy in many cases.

 These films are presented as an exception to the copyright act as fair dealing for the purpose of research, private study, education, parody or satire. See bill c-42 article 29.

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