Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What You Need to Know If There is a War with North Korea - Guest Post By Will Holloway

Keywords: North Korea, nuclear war, preparedness, self-defense
Summary: The threat of a nuclear war between North Korea and the USA is very present these days, and people need to know how to protect themselves and their families in case such a disaster happens.
FB summary: The tensions between the US and North Korea make us think about preparedness in the case of a nuclear attack. Are you prepared?
I am sure you are worried about a possible war between the United States of America and North Korea. Even more, the latest tensions didn’t help in putting old rumors to bed.

A war between these two nuclear powers will influence the entire world in the worst possible ways. Besides the deep economic implications, a nuclear war may as well send us back to the Stone Age, destroying everything we’ve built in the last centuries. I think that the survival of the human race is at risk here and, even if some of us survived, the implications would be horrifying.  
Now, while it seems that things calmed down and there won’t be a nuclear, war after all, I am a strong believer in preparedness. And in this case, preparedness is the key word since there won’t be much to do is all hell breaks loose.
If you share my opinion on this matter, I invite you to read on and learn how to protect yourself and your family in the case a war with North Korea can’t be avoided.
Don’t run! Find Shelter!
You must know you can’t outrun a nuclear blast! North Korea recently ran tests on long-range missiles which are (theoretically) capable of hitting big cities like Washington, Chicago, or New York. In areas as densely populated as New York, you can’t run even if you want to. The general state of panic that would create, only the lucky few would manage to escape alive.
However, if we’re talking about a nuclear explosion, the blast moves extremely fast, and no human being can outrun it. The important move in such a situation is to put as many layers as possible between you and the affected surface.
It’s important to find a bunker or to go as deep under concrete walls and soil as possible. According to officials representing the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Department of Homeland Security, the population should follow the rules regarding shelter and action posted on
If you can’t go underground, specialists recommend finding the center of a tall building. In such a case, being surrounded by glass and concrete is just as effective.
Self-defense is important
Wars and disasters, in general, reduce humans to their basic instincts. The most powerful instinct in us is to survive, and for this, you need to know how to defend yourself and your family against various enemies (other people included).
In such a situation, the most recommended method of protection is a gun (or several guns) and plenty of ammunition. Still, you need to learn how to use it in various combat situations and the best way to do so in times of peace is on the airsoft field.
BB guns are realistic, easy to find online and in store, and they perform amazingly in action. For more on this, visit Goog Gun – they have reviews on the best weapons on the market today.
How to be prepared before the blast
If North Korea becomes an imminent threat, there won’t be too much time to act. That’s why it’s important to be prepared before anything bad happens. Here are the three main steps to take for preparedness:
1) Put together a bug out bag for each member of your family – this should include food, water, communications (that are not electrically dependent), batteries, a first aid kit, and any other items that are necessary to your survival. Everything should be packed in a compact backpack and easy to grab in case of emergency.
2) Put together an emergency plan – you may not be all together when disaster strikes so plan your evacuation thoroughly. Talk to every member of your family and decide on places where they can find shelter and methods to find each other in case you get separated.
3) Check for local fallout shelters or building designed to resist a nuclear blast. If you can’t find any, start looking for potential shelters and devise a plan that will help you find the best possible way to survive the initial blast.
The Radiation Threat
Those who manage to survive the first minutes/hours of a nuclear attack must worry about radiation poisoning. Radiation is toxic to our bodies and can be carried by the wind for long distances.
The best course of action is to stay in the shelter for at least 24 hours (radiation loses about 80% its energy) and try to find a way to get news from outside (a weather radio may be very handy). It’s important to stay connected with rescue forces and listen to advice from specialists (which should come on the emergency frequency).
Once the immediate danger has passed, it’s safe to get to the surface, but you should move away from the contaminated area as fast as possible.
Keep in mind: even though things don’t seem to be going towards a war right now, it’s important to be prepared! Knowing how to survive in such dire circumstances may be the only way to stay alive and safe in an apocalyptical scenario.

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