Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Canada's First Hurricane of 2017 May Already Be On The Way!

With images everywhere of the devastation caused by hurricane Harvey in Texas, Americans are already preparing for the next impact from hurricane Irma.  In fact, there are currently 3 named storms in play on the CHC track map:.

  • Irma
  • Jose
  • Katia

Of these 3 storms, Katia is the least of our worries.  This storm is tracking into Mexico, and while these types of storms are serious in their own right, tropical storm Katia is not predicted to develop into a hurricane.
Irma, on the other hand has been largely covered by the media as "potentially catastrophic" and is already a category 5 hurricane, the strongest on the scale.  Residents of Florida are bracing for impact, and rightfully so!
Now let's take a look at Jose.  Not yet a hurricane, but the one that draws most of my attention, given it's track.  Notice how this storm is predicted to track north east .  Currently, I would say that the Carolinas would be the likely targets, but we need more time to see where exactly it will hit.  It could still curve to the north east and dissipate harmlessly in the northern atlantic, as many do, but it could also abruptly turn inland at any time(remember hurricane Sandy?), depending on a number of factors too numerous and complicated to get into here.

Preparing for Jose is something you can start doing now.

  • Stay informed.  Visit the Canadian Hurricane Center website to get up to date information on the path and intensity of the storm.  You can subscribe to email alerts, twitter feeds, or better yet, invest in a weather radio with the SAME feature that can alert you to a wide range of emergency situations, not just weather related.
  • Stock up.  When the alerts start pouring in, it will already be too late to purchase supplies.  Rushes on water, food, gasoline and other supplies will make it next to impossible to navigate the crowds and you could end up with scraps or nothing at all.
  • Plan an escape.  The atlantic provinces are more apt to feel the direct effects of a storm.  If you live in this area of the country, be prepared to head for higher ground.  This is the real meaning of bugging out.  Forget your bush gear, it won't help you here.  Concentrate on important documents, clothing and cash.  Most importantly, know where you will go and how to get there.  Leave early if possible and avoid the panicked  masses.
The 2017 hurricane season has been predicted to be above average on all counts...named storms, hurricanes, major hurricanes as well as hurricanes affecting Canada and it is just ramping up.

Be alert.
Be ready.
Be prepared.

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