Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Versetile And Essential Multitool

The multitool is hands down the most used item in my EDC kit.  This one item gets more use on a day to day basis than any other item I carry on my person.  These multi purpose pocket knives have come a long way since the days of the popular swiss army knife.
  Many of todays multitools sport pliers, wire cutters, screwdriver bits and more.  Models are somewhat taylored to the user, such as miniature very basic ones for today's on the go woman, while others are designed for the seasoned outdoorsman.

Navigating the various brands and models can be a confusing venture.  There are many online resources available that review knives and tools, many of which make recomendations based on very limited trials.  When looking for help online with respect to choosing a tool, look for sites that offer a simple overview instead of an actual review, which more often than not is based on a few minutes of use rather than long term experience.  Best Survial is one such site that shows you the choices, without biased sales driven recomendations.  Check out their article on multitools here.

Sticking to brand names is always a good idea.  That's not to saw that branded tools will never fail, but they are at least backed by a warantee to protect your investment.  My wife carries a Gerber Clutch with her at all times and makes use of it on a regular basis,  and it has yet to let her down.  I also have a few brand name tools in various kits, however my EDC tool is an unbranded one that has lasted many years.  I've also owned unbranded tools that literally fell apart while using them on a ladder.  Try finding all those pieces and putting it back together after they fell 20 feet and scattered all over the ground.

When shopping for a multitool, take a look at the features and for every one ask yourself if you would really use it.  No sense having a corkscrew if you don't drink wine right?

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