Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Watch all 42+ talks… on your own schedule! [Home Medicine Summit 2018]

Great news …
…  Marjory Wildcraft is once again inviting the world to a world-class event, this time to watch her Home Medicine Summit for FREE!
She has lined up 42+ leading experts to show you how to live FREE of drugstores and be naturally healthy…
… By using food as medicine and learning to make your own 100% natural kitchen remedies.
Including BIG NAMES like Mike Adams, Ronnie Cummins, Sally Fallon, Sayer Ji, Nick Polizzi, Melinda Meyer, Joel Salatin, Eric Zielinski, Howard Garrett and so many more.
To give presentations on topics that include:
  • The Big Organic Rip Off: why it’s not as healthy as you think!

  • Making your own probiotics–CHEAP + EASY!
  • 100% NATURAL remedies for stress, anxiety, and depression. (Safe alternatives to prescription medications.)

  • How to save $1000s in funeral costs.
  • Foods that are BETTER than anti-inflammatory drugs!

  • How to make your own miraculous CBD “hemp oil” … and use it as medicine, without getting high!
And that’s just to name a few!
It’s going to be a very exciting week, and again it kicks off on Monday, May 14th at 9 a.m. CT.

However, if you’re like me and you don’t have 40+ hours to dedicate to watch this event around the clock next week… (Sure wish I could!!!)
… You should know that Marjory has just opened the doors to a DEEPLY Discounted PRE-SALE EVENT!
Until Monday, May 14th at 9 p.m. CT:
You’re invited to claim LIFETIME ACCESS to watch this entire event on your own schedule at a significant discount (… with access to digital recordings – online or shipped to your door).
Plus … be entered in a MASSIVE PRIZE DRAW!
Win 1 of 14 prizes valued at $5,446.23
Personally, I’d love to win one of the three $1000 gift certificates that Marjory is giving away.
But there’s also:
  • A Vitamix 5200 Professional Blender
  • Omega Juicer (Dual-Stage, Slow Speed)
  • Excalibur Food Dehydrator (9 Trays)
  • A Simply Organics Spice Rack…
  • A Kombucha brewing package …
… And so much more!
Again, you’re not obligated to purchase.
You can watch the entire Home Medicine Summit for FREE by registering here today.
But if you’d like to take advantage of the PRE-SALE SAVINGS as well as be entered in the prize draw
… You must act before Monday, May 14th at 9 p.m. CST.
Register to watch for FREE:
Once you’re registered, you’ll be given the opportunity to:
  • Grab life-time access at the pre-sale savings, and
  • Be automatically entered in the prize draw.
Some people ask me, “what’s the catch.”
Look – there’s no catch.
Watch for free, or purchase lifetime access.
Marjory’s mission over at The Grow Network is to stop the destruction of the earth by teaching and inspiring people to grow their own food and medicine.
This event is made possible by the sales of the digital + shipped recordings.
But everyone is invited to watch for FREE.
So either way, I hope you can take advantage of this opportunity.
I sure plan to!   I’m excited for Monday…

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