Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Book Recomendation

Antigenic Shift: Book 1 of The Pandemic Series

Scientists have been warning us that the overuse of antibiotics by the factory farming sector, combined with the over-prescribing by doctors was leading to new antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Many others have warned that mankind is long overdue for a global pandemic. Despite these warnings, mankind has greedily carried on. We, humans, have been running roughshod over this planet for far too long, Mother Nature is angry and is about to chasten mankind with a correction. 
When migrating birds return from their summer breeding grounds in the autumn of 2020, they bring with them a pathogen that has been safely locked in the Arctic permafrost for millennia. When this new pathogen mixes with the current H5N1 virus circulating in the global bird population; an antigenic shift occurs, and the virus mutates into the deadliest virus ever to afflict mankind. 
Within weeks 50% of the human population is wiped out, hospitals are overwhelmed, and the dead are piling up in the streets. With the rule of law dissolving store shelves are quickly stripped bare and food deliveries slow to a snail's pace. As electricity generation begins to shut down and municipal water supplies fail, desperate people, criminals, gangs and those bent on doing evil begin to take their toll on the weak and innocent.
Several small groups of people are drawn together by fate as they struggle to survive when society collapses around them. John MacIntyre a 65-year-old retired military veteran, leads his family and an ever-growing group of survivors as they struggle to return order from the chaos. Johns group continually find themselves drawn into danger as they come to the aid of others and battle those bent on doing evil.
I invite you to follow John MacIntyre and his group in this exciting three-part series.

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