Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Discussion on Wartime Farm Part 1

As we get into the series, there is one theme that sticks out to me.  All preppers have heard the term WROL or without rule of law.  The idea being that when SHTF, government bodies will cease to exist.  If we stop to think for a moment though, we may realise that this may not be the case.  Imagine the preps you could set up with access to billions of dollars.  Trust me, if any entity has prepared to survive most anything, it is the government and they are set up not only to survive, but to keep control over the military and law enforcement.  A more likely scenario in SHTF would be EROL or excessive rule of law.

We see this in the series with the introduction of the "war ag".  An agency set up with special powers to actually tell farmers what to grow and what not to.  There are stories of farms in the UK being taken over by the government due to lack of cooperation or under production.  Todays government is no different with the powers to take possesion of property for the use of the "greater good".  I can't guess how many times I've heard preppers complain about this, perhaps without keeping the scope in mind.  It is doubtful that your preps, even a year's supply for a familly would be considered even a drop in the bucket of what is needed.  Just like you would not want to bother spending a day of hard labour for minimum wage, the government is not likely to be bothered searching your home for the low return of resources.  Producers are the more likely target.  In the case of this series, farms are highlighted, but factories were also confiscated and retooled for weapons and other military production.

With raw materials in short supply, old machinery is put back into use by repurposing the materials they are made from.  We see a subsoiler fashioned out of scrap metal, but unfortunately, it doesn't work.  There is an important lesson here in that even with skills such as blacksmithing, projects may not work out as planned.  Preppers have to be prepared for failure as well and be able to bounce back and make the best of the situation.  In some cases, failure was almost a certainty but the efforts were made in spite of this. 

Throughout this series we will see many topics raised that can relate to how a current day SHTF situation may affect our lives.  Feel free to comment with your observations and thoughts.

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